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Customer Reviews
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Accept Order And Price
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However, sometimes errors occur, such as the product price cannot be displayed correctly on the website or the price is wrong, depending on the specific situation, we will contact the customer to explain or notify the cancellation of the order. We also have the right to reject or cancel any order, regardless of whether the order has been confirmed or paid.
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Privacy Policy
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Dispute Resolution
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Law and jurisdiction in Vietnam
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Other Provisions

Regulations and payment methods

The term of payment shall be as agreed in the contract
Mode of payment
-Cash payment: direct collection by salesman.
-Bank Transfer:customers transfer money directly through the company’s bank account.

Transport policy

-Goods will be delivered directly to your work(customer), and the products will be numbered according to the technical drawings.
-The recipient will be a construction worker of Gelan Electric.

Warranty Policy
Warranty scope:

Switch and socket are guaranteed for 10 years, from date of manufacture, equal to 80,000 times of switching on/off of switches, 10,000 times of plugging in/out of sockets.
From the date of manufacture, the warranty period for electrical products which are not switches and sockects is 2 years 6 months.
Warranty period will be adjusted according to the actual state

Exchange / return / refund policy

Gelan Electric Company accepts exchange / return in case the product samples are completely different from the agreed in the contract.


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